Sweater Beats – Mlln Dllr (Tony Quattro Bootleg)

2 Posted by - 10/07/2013 - DAWPERS MEDIA

Artist : Tony Quattro
From : USA, New York
Label : none – free DL
Release : september 2013

5 reasons why you have to listen to this track
- It’s a super present from beloved producer Tony Quattro for his birthday ! What do you say !
- I’ve supported Mr Quattro from the beginning with my previous projects, no regrets.
- And all the tunes he sent killed the dancefloors for real !
- I remember blogging the original track from Sweater Beats in the past. Million Dollar is super sensual !
- I won’t count the numbers of House tunes I’m talking about because it’s a lot. This one is ace, I promise !
- When I say ‘ace’ understand cheesy as hell, get me these girls on the dancefloor.
- I know it’s 6 reasons now and I said 5 but this tune is a free DL, sorry.
- 7 ! Nice promo pic !

Lee Bone